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Your Brand,

Your Way

Why This is a Game-Changer

Our package offers the essential tools to build a brand that resonates with your clientele. Discover why top realtors choose us to refine their brand identity and amplify their market presence.

Be a Brand

Don't be a Realtor.

88% of Real estate agents with 
strong personal brands experience a significant increase in leads.*



Strong personal brands lead to 
up to 2x increase in client referrals.*


Increased brand visibility with 3x more likes on average.

From a Job to a Business

This is about expanding your brand's reach and impact. We focus on strategies that enhance your visibility, making your brand a household name.

Establish Your Brand

Consistency is key in branding. We ensure that your brand messaging, aesthetics, and values are coherent and consistently presented across all platforms, fostering trust and recognition.

Dominate With Your Personal Brand

Capturing attention in a crowded market is crucial. Our approach ensures your brand doesn't just blend in but stands out, grabbing the attention of potential clients.

Crush Your Competition

Adopt a strategic business approach in your branding efforts. It involves a solid brand foundation, and efficient execution to ensure your real estate brand operates with professionalism and efficiency.

Operate Like a Business

Realtor Brand Transformations

From newcomers to seasoned professionals, witness how our services have been pivotal in their success.

From Profile Pic to For Sale Sign  - 

Covering Every Touchpoint of Your Brand

From sleek logo designs to engaging social media templates and impactful print ads, we’ve got every aspect of your real estate branding needs covered. Our detailed package includes:

1. Logo

2. Brand Strategy

3. Pro Photoshoot / Hero Video

4. Brand Colors & Patterns

5. Brand Guidelines (Digital)

Branding and Identity

1. Landing Page / Linktree

2. Listing Presentation

3. Email Template 

4. Dedicated Listing Page 

5. Email Signature

Digital & Web

1. Avatar

2. Post Templates (Listings, Testimonials, News)

3. Story Template

4. Logo Animation

5. Instagram Carousel Template

Social Media

1. Business Card

2. For Sale / Open House Sign

3. Feature Sheet

4. Door Hanger

5. Large Format Ad

Print & Ads

Bethany King

Amir Pahlavi

Lisha Gong

Whether you’re kickstarting your real estate career, looking to scale up, or leading a successful team, our branding services are designed to cater to every stage of your professional journey.

Supporting the next generation of realtors, the top 5%, and everyone in between.


Don’t take our word for it, take our partners'

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Bethany King
Real Estate Agent | The King Team

Bethany King

Accelarate Your Career

Discover why top realtors choose us to refine their brand identity and amplify their market presence.

Realtor branding and content production, Toronto

20 Brand Essentials®

The All-In-One Branding Package for Realtors

In a market as crowded as the GTA's, with nearly 70,000 real estate professionals, we empower Realtors to elevate their brand, making them more than just visible — they become unforgettable.

  • We understand that each real estate agent has unique requirements. Our team will work closely with you to assess your goals and recommend a package that best aligns with your branding and marketing objectives. Whether you're a new agent looking to establish your brand or an experienced professional aiming to refresh your image, we have the perfect package for you.

  • Absolutely! We believe in flexibility to accommodate your individual needs. You can customize our fixed-cost packages by adding or removing specific services to ensure you get exactly what you need to enhance your brand and marketing efforts.

  • The timeline varies depending on the complexity of the services chosen. Our team will provide you with a detailed project timeline during the consultation phase, ensuring transparency and alignment with your expectations.

Learn How To Get Started With Senta

  • Our package begins with a deep dive into your personal story, ensuring that every branding element reflects your unique identity. It includes carefully chosen elements across five main categories: Branding and Identity, Digital & Web, Social Media, Print & Ads, and a professional Photo/Video Session. This holistic approach ensures your brand resonates with clients in the competitive Toronto and GTA real estate markets.

  • Our package is crafted to make your brand not just seen but remembered. It enhances your visibility, maintains consistency across all platforms, and provides professional tools to grow your brand, reach new leads, and operate with business acumen in the real estate industry.

  • Yes, our package is designed for realtors at all stages of their careers. Whether you're starting out, scaling up, or leading a team, our branding services will support your professional growth.

  • While the 20 essential elements are specifically selected for their practicality and direct application in every customer touchpoint, each branding journey is unique. The approach and solutions we provide result in completely unique outcomes in all aspects, ensuring your brand's distinctiveness.

  • Our process is methodical and disciplined, taking anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the project's scope. From the initial fact-finding brief to content production, we work diligently to create impactful branding elements for your real estate business.

  • Absolutely. Each element is crafted for practical application in your day-to-day business activities. We're involved in implementing every concept and element, ensuring immediate, effective use of your new branding.

  • Our ultimate branding package is tailored to meet the modern needs of the rapidly changing marketing landscape. Combining the latest trends and fresh approaches, it provides a solid foundation for business branding excellence, now and in the future.

  • The package price covers all essentials as detailed in our contract. Any additional services or elements beyond this scope will be clearly discussed and agreed upon in advance.

  • Yes, our landing page features a collection of case studies and testimonials. These showcase the transformational impact our branding services have had on real estate agents in Toronto and the GTA.

  • Starting is easy and personalized. Fill out our brief form to share your brand and business story, then book a 30-minute, no-obligation video call with our team. This conversation is key to understanding your unique needs, and ensuring our package perfectly aligns with your brand. We're here to answer all your questions and guide you through your branding journey.

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